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Saturday, 18 May 2024
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The Importance of Starting on Time

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Some of us don’t value the start of our game on time.  There are a lot of factors that we don’t take into consideration into the responsibility of starting the game early or late.

The business of basketball is very tricky.  At the professional level, when a game exceeds 2 hours, it begins to interfere with other advertisers’ costs of that advertisement spot.   The game has prolonged into their advertisement spot at that particular time.   

At the higher division high school basketball schools will have to cooperate with advertisers and TV networks, and the schedule they both need to uphold on a minute by minute daily.

Take into consideration:

- Spectators that come to watch, has planned their day to come watch the game between those assigned times.  Not earlier or later.

- The gym has been reserved that allotted time.  Beyond those times can cause the school/organization extra fees.

- Games that start late usually ends late.   

Be a professional.  It’s about staying on time.  Arrive 1 hour before tip-off.  Be certain that you’re going to be there.  Some college conferences will require you to arrive 75 minutes prior to the start of the game.  At the professional level, you meet the night before as well as earlier in the day.  You will be arriving at the game 1 hour prior to tip-off.

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