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Tuesday, 19 October 2021
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New Judgement on Non-Basketball Moves


The game may be getting better to watch. 

The NBA is looking to lessen any non-basketball moves that are intended to draw fouls.  Legitimately, the intentions are to probably increase the integrity of the game from players, coaches, and officials.  The ability to make a judgment on what looks like a foul, but may not be a foul is getting more difficult.  The officials' capability to judge intentions by players is now inevitable.  

NBA officials will reportedly be trained to identify and penalize some of the following non-basketball moves:

  • launching into defender
  • abruptly veering off path
  • kicking leg at an abnormal angle
  • hooks defender with an off-arm

This may be good for the league.  It now forces the players to maintain basketball moves on offense and defense during the game at all times.  All other extracurricular activities will not be tolerated.  

As John has mentioned in a article about the upcoming rule changes in the 2021/22 NBA Season.  The video below is a type of play, which the league is abolishing.  As Tre Young drives to the basket, the unnatural motion was to abruptly slow down in an attempt to create a collision with the trailing defender.   


These plays that were designed with the intention to draw fouls were invented a long time ago.  The next play is another type of play that pump fakes the defender in the air, and shooter jumping into the defender.


If you pump fake a defender in the air, you must shoot around the defender.  Otherwise this may be considered as a non-shooting foul, but will count against the penalty.  And in certain scenarios/plays, this will now be an offensive foul.  Check this play from Mac Mclung during the NBA Summer League.


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