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Sunday, 26 September 2021
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Fouls at the End of the Game

Gentry-NBCA-2018-site-.jpgOn January 6, 2020, Alvin Gentry and Pelicans hosted a game against Quin Snyder and the Utah Jazz.  It was an excellent game to watch as the Utah Jazz pulls off winning an impressive 11 out of 12 games.  The officials on the game were Crew Chief Kane Fitzgerald (#5), Referee 1 Mitchell Ervin (#27) and Referee 2 Matt Myers (#43).  We’re going to review the last play of the game as some critics claims that our crew for the game missed a foul at the end of the game.  We’d like your feedback as to how you feel about this article, the correct no-call or in-correct no call, and even if there was a call who would be the calling official towards the end of the game.

Take a moment to watch the final clip of the game before you read on.




With only 5.4 seconds remaining in the game, Brandon Ingram from the Pelicans rebounds off of a missed 3 pointer by Bojan Bogdanovic from the Jazz and races pass everyone up the court.  You can tell from the intensity in his body that he was going to take the ball straight to the basket.  As he went up for the layup he was denied by Rudy Gobert as time expired. Ingram believe he was fouled on the play and should have received 2 foul shots with little time remaining on the game clock. 


On the replay, it was clear that Gobert hacks Ingram across the arm while there's still time left on the clock. Or if you look closely at the image which is right before he was hit across the arm.  Does that look like he is loosing control of the ball?  Does this image shows that the shot is being attempted to be shot off of his arms instead of his hands?   However, the referees didn't call a foul, and the Jazz celebrated their win.  There was an official review at the end of the game.  The review was not because of the non-call, but to make sure that there were no time remaining on the clock when the ball fell out of bound. 

In that specific play, Kane Fitzgerald was the new lead, Matt Meyers was in the slot and Mitchell Ervin came up at the end as the new trail official.  Our crew did a great job in the game, but that last play was a tough play.  As an official, you should already visualize Fitzgerald’s angle on the play.  What do you think?  Was there enough on that play for Fitzgerald to put Ingram on the line to tie the game?  Or even better that that.  Do you think there was a chance for that ball to be scored successful?

Take a look at the top angle on that play, which tells the best story.  The top angle shows Gobert’s body pushes Ingram as Ingram drives to the basket.  In a different replay shows that if Kane was on the table side of the baseline, he might have a better look on that play.  It might be enough for Fitzgerald to call a foul.

As an official I think we’ve all been at a point in the game which we accidently tune out of the game here and there.  Innocently, most of the time nothing was missed, as the exchanges in baskets back and forth from both teams hypnotizes you into a cruise control trance.  It doesn’t take much of you losing your concentration, but for a split second in the game for you to miss an unnatural play.  The worst part of it all, is it was right in front of you, which you and the whole crew missed the play.  So, do you think that Fitzgerald missed the foul on this play?

As we freeze this play, you can see that lead had a great look at that play.  The slot also possesses a great angle which if a secondary whistle was to be called would be a good call from the slot.  But is there a foul in this play.  We’ve always believed considering time, possession and score of the game, this is one that you want the team to win the game and not be decided by free throws for a foul call at the end of the game.  Then again there was an image early in the article which we showed Ingram losing control of the ball on the shot attempt.  A foul call would have bailed Ingram out of bad shot, to tie the game.  Unless it was something that was egregious or non-basketball play, this is the play of the game that Ingram needed to shine.  He had to finish this shot without the help of the referees.

Of course your questions, comments and suggestions are all welcome.   Please keep it civilized.


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