Prelude to the Fight

fight kevin love



A very difficult moment to manage that throws every game off instantly.  Some officials can stop it by forcefully over-officiating every foul in the game, but you can ruin what could be a good game.  Take a look at these plays, which resulted in the game going out of control. 


Fouls and irritants that we allow to happen in the game we encourage.  When we don’t get the first foul, every foul after that usually gets worse until a foul is called.  If the game got out of control, it must have been the result of at least one of the following:

I’m sure I may be missing a few points which can let the game out of control.  The point of this article is when to catch it prior to it completely folding.

You can’t stop players from committing stupid and/or hard fouls.  It’s a part of the game.  These hard fouls tend to lead to fights breaking out.  There is one thing that is consistent prior to every fight that breaks out in sports.

The longer the players that are involved in the play stay close together after every hard/crucial foul, a fight is potential.  As an official, we must stay connected to the play after the foul has been called until the players are separated from each other.