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Sunday, 01 August 2021
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2019/2020 NBA Case Play Book Available for Download


The 2019/2020 NBA Case Play Book is now available for download on the IPABOA website.  The link is located below:

Download Now

Studying off of the case plays is one of the best strategy in perfecting your rule knowledge.  I'm sure that you'll be able to find a play or two that you've encountered in your games, which you administered wrong.  

From time to time, we'll go over a few of these case plays and talk about the rules, penalty and administration.  If you have a case play which you want to review please let us know.

You can send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   




Tribute to Kobe Bryant


"Not even in my dreams," Bryant said. "That was something that just happened. It's tough to explain. It's just one of those things.”








It was January 22, 2006, the Los Angeles Lakers played host to the Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors at that time was led by Chris Bosh, Anthony Parker, T.J. Ford and Nesterovic.  The Raptors put on a show for Laker fans at the Staple center controlling the first half with a 63 to 45 lead over the Lakers.  Along the side of Kobe were Lamar Odom, Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm and Luke Walton, who played off the bench. 


A sensational job by our officiating crew of the game who were Crew Chief Kevin Fehr, Referee 1 was Bill Kennedy and Bill Spooner who was the Referee 2. Comparing the 2005/2006 season to the current 2019/2020 season, our officials still upholds a strong sense of presence and professionalism on the court; very similar to today’s officials.  In my opinion call selection hasn’t changed too much.  Our new uniform definitely makes us look more fitted for today’s basketball.


Re-watching the game on youtube again brought back memories of when I watched it live.  Being a native to the southern California, it was tough to watch the Lakers as a team struggle as a team.  In what seems like a game that was spiraling out of control, Kobe led the way with 26 points in the first half.  With very little support from Andrew Bynum who was still nurturing an injury, everyone knows that Kobe has to be the guy that needs to step up and carry the team. You can tell by the way Kobe was playing, that something was going to happen.  At that point of the game, I thought how amazing it would be to witness Kobe Bryant score 100 points in this game, in a classic “Kobe comeback” to win on a last second possession.  Well it almost happened that way.  As I watched him score basket after basket unconsciously, it started to look like familiar scene from a past performance by Wilt Chamberlain. By the 4th period, everyone started passing the ball the Kobe.  The Raptors had no answer.

20120214_dn_g1high14s_original_crop_north.jpegHe didn’t break the 100-point record as Wilt Chamberlain did in the 1962, nor was there a last second shot to win the game.  But it was truly an honor to watch Kobe score 81 points in a game to comeback and watch him carry the Lakers to a 122-104 victory over the Toronto Raptors. 

Immediately following Kobe’s death, a petition was received by more than 2 million online signatures at change.org, to change the NBA logo to a silhouette of Kobe Bryant. It was previously a silhouette of Jerry West, who three years ago told ESPN that he longer wants to be the NBA “Logo”. 

Although both are considered as legends to the game, how can you determine who should be the next “Logo” of the NBA. How about Michael Jordan or even Shaquille O’Neal?  I believe both are great candidates and should be considered for the title.  Let’s not forget about Bill Russell who has won an astonishing 11 titles during his 13-year career. 

I would agree with Jerry West.  Such prestigious symbol should be reserved for a non-living legend to the game.  It would make more sense.  As oppose to it being Kobe Bryant, there are others that I thought would also be best candidates for the “Logo”.  Sure, it could be Michael Jordan, who is also considered as one of the greatest of all time to ever play the game.  Bill Russell should definitely stand out as an over-achiever to the game.  Both are still alive.  If there is another controversy about changing the logo again at the time which either passes, then we can hold that up for discussion.

Very similar to officiating.   Sometimes time, possession and score plays a key role in officiating the game other than just calling fouls and violations.  Bill Russell and Michael Jordan are both living legends.  We have grown through-out the years, as we realize the image of the “Logo” wants change.  The score has changed as we lost a brother, a competitor and a comrade to the game.  This is the opportunity to let a great contributor to the game live on.  No other time is worth it then now.

So yes, I agree with the petition to change the NBA logo to Kobe Bryant’s silhouette.  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.













Shared Housing Now Available

summerlin-centre-west-homes-300x189_300.jpgSo we finally got things situated with a plan which should definitely help out everyone in financial costs.

Annually, the IPABOA camp is held in Las Vegas.  For past years, campers from all over the United States have attended our camp even for multiple years there on out.  Many of us travel alone from far distances and have invested greatly into developing your officiating career.   

Shared housing is now available for reservation.  Here’s an opportunity for you to save money while at camp in Las Vegas, and at the same time interact with other officials at the camp.  There are also meal plans which you can add to your room.  Instead of eating out every night, you can save money by eating at home.

The following link will direct you to the shared housing page.



Missed Goaltend Call


 We have another controversial ending to a game which involves Rudy Gobert, of whom we reviewed another controversial game ending play against the Pelicans in the previous article.  Unbelievable!  This time, its Gobert being tangled up against Damien Lillard.  Same scenario for Gobert as before against the Pelicans.  On February 7, 2020, the Jazz are up 2 points against the Portland Trailblazers with 19.5 seconds left in regulation.  Lillard drove into the lane and put up a shot off the glass that was still in flight towards the rim before Rudy Gobert slapped the ball against the glass.  A no-call on the play meant Lillard’s shot was recorded as a block instead of a goal tend.  That basket would have tied the game at 116-116 with 10 seconds remaining in regulation.  Instead the Blazers were forced to foul and would go on to lose the game.  If you want to watch the full game highlight here’s the link below. 










Our crew for the game were Crew Chief Josh Tiven (#58), Referee Brian Forte (#45) and Umpire JB DeRosa (#62) all of whom are excellent officials.  There were tweets all over Twitter clearly showing Gobert hit the ball while it was in flight.  Not only that, but the Last 2 Minute report also confirmed that Jazz wing Joe Ingles fouled Lillard with just over a minute left in the game.  No foul called.  By no mean that the missed goaltend and foul took the win away from Portland.  That’s why we play the game.  Anything can happen at any moment which can change the momentum.  It’s NBA basketball.  Let’s talk about dealing with the aftermath of a tough game. 


Sure, we all know that our crew missed calls in the final minutes of the game that were very crucial.  We’re not going to talk about the missed call, you can find discussions of that on Twitter.  Sometimes things get away from all of us when intensity rises in a game. Typically, from the middle to the end of the season, bad habits and fatigue become visible in our game.  If you’re a seasoned enough official, you’ve gone through a few games in your career where the ending just doesn’t feel right.  But let’s all learn from this game as an official. 

Let’s talk about the goaltend.  Brian Forte was the lead on table-side, JB DeRosa was in the slot, and Josh Tiven trailed the play.  At 13.3 seconds we can see the heads of the Trail and the Slot Officials were looking at the top of the play.  Definite missed call by both preferable officials.  Seldom call from the Lead, that if Forte was positioned closer to the court, he may have enough in his vision to have a cadence opinion on that play. 


Sometimes that even happens from teammates on the same team.  B3 goes up for a shot at the free throw line.  A2 and A3 are under the basketball ready for a rebound, as well as B1.  A2 and A3 are caught staring at each other thinking that the other was going to get the easy defensive rebound.  Instead B1 easily puts the shot back for the easy rebound and 2 points.  In our instance of that play, all 3 Officials may have a good look at that goal-tend, but all 3 Officials thought one of the other 2 were going to make the call.  Either way, our crew screwed up.

After a game like this, you can only imagine what may be going through your head an official.  Did we fail as a crew?  What could we have done differently?  And if the game ended really bad, you know you’ll still hear about it later on down the road.  Some of us take some time to get over a game ending with that type of intensity.  Then there are some that might even lose sleep for a week or two.  Let’s talk about some ways to help deal with the aftermath of a tough game.


Game Film

In the NBA the crew has the capabilities to review film immediately after the game.  At the collegiate level and below, you may not get those opportunities.  When you get those opportunities to review film that should be first on your list.  Look at your positioning.  One of the key moments of missing a call is being in the wrong position.  Whether its position along the baseline/sideline or depth into the court.



Working out relieves pressure and stress.  Whether your favorite workout is yoga, weight or cardio, a good routine is always recommended 2 to 3 hours per day.  This keeps your stamina up as when intensity rises during the game, your concentration is trained to stay on tact till the end of the game. fit-young-african-american-woman-working-out-with-royalty-free-image-1568749516.jpg 


Good Meal

As Officials, we work hard.  From the moment the first whistle to start the tip all the way till the final whistle which ended the game, we have put every effort and energy into the game.  On the nights that things get out of hand are the nights which we have worked the hardest.  Having a good meal will reward yourself of actually managing yourself through a tough game. 


Consulting with another Official

One of the best remedies to getting over a tough game is to get it off your chest.  Consult with another Official about the play.  After that, move on!  Keep in mind, as an Official, it is never a good idea to talk about your game through social media.  As an Official to the game your duties are not only limited to being on the court, but also off the court.  Although the jurisdiction of your job is limited within the confines of the game, your life off the court will hinder your reputation as an Official.  Social media is never our friend. 



I’m pretty sure you all have some different strategies that you use to get over a tough game.  Or if you have a comment about the game, please share it with our family. 




Fouls at the End of the Game

Gentry-NBCA-2018-site-.jpgOn January 6, 2020, Alvin Gentry and Pelicans hosted a game against Quin Snyder and the Utah Jazz.  It was an excellent game to watch as the Utah Jazz pulls off winning an impressive 11 out of 12 games.  The officials on the game were Crew Chief Kane Fitzgerald (#5), Referee 1 Mitchell Ervin (#27) and Referee 2 Matt Myers (#43).  We’re going to review the last play of the game as some critics claims that our crew for the game missed a foul at the end of the game.  We’d like your feedback as to how you feel about this article, the correct no-call or in-correct no call, and even if there was a call who would be the calling official towards the end of the game.

Take a moment to watch the final clip of the game before you read on.




With only 5.4 seconds remaining in the game, Brandon Ingram from the Pelicans rebounds off of a missed 3 pointer by Bojan Bogdanovic from the Jazz and races pass everyone up the court.  You can tell from the intensity in his body that he was going to take the ball straight to the basket.  As he went up for the layup he was denied by Rudy Gobert as time expired. Ingram believe he was fouled on the play and should have received 2 foul shots with little time remaining on the game clock. 


On the replay, it was clear that Gobert hacks Ingram across the arm while there's still time left on the clock. Or if you look closely at the image which is right before he was hit across the arm.  Does that look like he is loosing control of the ball?  Does this image shows that the shot is being attempted to be shot off of his arms instead of his hands?   However, the referees didn't call a foul, and the Jazz celebrated their win.  There was an official review at the end of the game.  The review was not because of the non-call, but to make sure that there were no time remaining on the clock when the ball fell out of bound. 

In that specific play, Kane Fitzgerald was the new lead, Matt Meyers was in the slot and Mitchell Ervin came up at the end as the new trail official.  Our crew did a great job in the game, but that last play was a tough play.  As an official, you should already visualize Fitzgerald’s angle on the play.  What do you think?  Was there enough on that play for Fitzgerald to put Ingram on the line to tie the game?  Or even better that that.  Do you think there was a chance for that ball to be scored successful?

Take a look at the top angle on that play, which tells the best story.  The top angle shows Gobert’s body pushes Ingram as Ingram drives to the basket.  In a different replay shows that if Kane was on the table side of the baseline, he might have a better look on that play.  It might be enough for Fitzgerald to call a foul.

As an official I think we’ve all been at a point in the game which we accidently tune out of the game here and there.  Innocently, most of the time nothing was missed, as the exchanges in baskets back and forth from both teams hypnotizes you into a cruise control trance.  It doesn’t take much of you losing your concentration, but for a split second in the game for you to miss an unnatural play.  The worst part of it all, is it was right in front of you, which you and the whole crew missed the play.  So, do you think that Fitzgerald missed the foul on this play?

As we freeze this play, you can see that lead had a great look at that play.  The slot also possesses a great angle which if a secondary whistle was to be called would be a good call from the slot.  But is there a foul in this play.  We’ve always believed considering time, possession and score of the game, this is one that you want the team to win the game and not be decided by free throws for a foul call at the end of the game.  Then again there was an image early in the article which we showed Ingram losing control of the ball on the shot attempt.  A foul call would have bailed Ingram out of bad shot, to tie the game.  Unless it was something that was egregious or non-basketball play, this is the play of the game that Ingram needed to shine.  He had to finish this shot without the help of the referees.

Of course your questions, comments and suggestions are all welcome.   Please keep it civilized.


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